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Environmental Pollution – 08

Causes of Desertification

  • Urbanization and other types of land development.  As areas become more urbanized, there are fewer places for plants to grow and more over the waste coming out of such commercial areas highly degrade the land. For eg. Urban landfills problem, lake dumping and eutrophication etc. gradually will result in desertification.  
  • Climate Change: Climate change plays a huge role in desertification. As the days get warmer and periods of drought become more frequent, desertification becomes more and more eminent. Unless climate change is slowed down, huge areas of land will become desert; some of those areas may even become uninhabitable as time goes on.
  • Stripping the land of resources. If an area of land has natural resources like natural gas, oil, or minerals, people will come in and mine it or take it out. This usually strips the soil of nutrients, which in turn kills the plant life, which in turn starts the process toward becoming a desert biome as time goes on.
  • Natural Disasters: There are some cases where the land gets damaged because of natural disasters, including drought. In those cases, there isn’t a lot that people can do except work to try and help rehabilitate the land after it has already been damaged by nature.


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