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  • (IV) SQUID

Animal Kingdom – 03


There are about 300 different species of octopus native to many of the world’s oceans, especially coral reefs. The octopus doesn’t have an internal or external skeleton, allowing it to squeeze into very small places. The octopus has Eight Arms Or Tentacles, that it uses for crawling, exploring things and catching prey. The octopus’ arms have suckers capable of grasping and holding objects, such as their prey. The octopus has a hard beak in the center of its arms that it uses to tear apart its prey for eating. Like the squid, the octopus can suck water into its mantle and expel it out in a fast, strong jet. This jet propulsion provides fast, forward movement. Also like the squid, the octopus can eject a thick cloud of ink to help it escape from predators.


There are about 300 species of squid. They are native to most of the world’s oceans. The squid has a Distinct Head, Eight Arms And Two Tentacles. The mouth of the squid has a sharp horny beak used to kill and tear its prey into small pieces. The main body of the squid is enclosed in the mantle, which has a swimming fin along each side. However, the swimming fin is not the squid’s main way of moving through the water. The squid can suck water into the mantle and expel it out in a fast, strong jet. This jet propulsion provides fast, forward movement. Although most squid are less than 2 feet in length, The Giant Squid can grow up to 43 feet in length.


Despite their name, the cuttlefish is not a fish, but a mollusk. The cuttlefish is native to all of the oceans of the world, but are more common in shallow coastal temperate and tropical waters. The cuttlefish has an internal shell or bone, Called The Cuttlebone that helps them to be buoyant. Attached to this body feeding tentacles. The cuttlefish can easily camouflage itself by changing its skin color and pattern to blend in with its background. This helps the cuttlefish to hide from predators, and the sneak up on its prey. Like the squid and octopus, the cuttlefish can eject ink in an effort to escape from predators. This Ink, Called SEPIA, was once used as a dye to create ink used by artists.

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