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Animal Kingdom – 04


The nautilus is native to deep ocean waters. It has a multi-chambered shell. Each chamber is sealed and contains gas which provides the nautilus with buoyancy to float.  Like the octopus, squid and cuttlefish, The Nautilus Uses Jet Propulsion To Move Forward. It sucks in water, then expels it in a fast, strong stream to propel itself forward. The nautilus has as many as 90 small tentacles that it uses to catch food, such as Shrimp, Fish Or Small Crustaceans. It then uses its powerful beak to crush the food. The nautilus is considered a living fossil because its form has remained unchanged for over 400 million years.  

(vii) ECHINODERMS: STARFISH, SEA URCHIN AND FAMILY Echinoderms are marine animals that live in the ocean. Common echinoderms include THE SEA STAR, SEA URCHIN, SAND DOLLAR AND SEA CUCUMBER. Most echinoderms have arms or spines that radiate from the center of their body. The central body contains their organs, and their mouth for feeding.  

Sea stars, commonly Known As The Starfish, have 5 or more arms attached to their body. On the bottom of the Starfish are small tube feet to help with movement and feeding. The Starfish’s Mouth is underneath, and is capable of eating other sea life such as clams and mussels. Another type of echinoderm is the sea urchin. Sea Urchins have many spines connected to their body. These spines help to protect them from predators.  


The starfish or sea star is native to all of the world’s oceans. There are about 1,800 different species of starfish with the greatest variety living in The Tropical Indo-Pacific Region.  Most starfish have five arms, although some have fewer or more arms. Like other echinoderms, starfish have small tube feet on their underneath body to help with movement and feeding. The starfish’s mouth is underneath, and it has two stomachs in the mouth. The stomach sack can come out through the mouth to engulf and digest food, such as Clams And Mussels.  


Crustaceans are a type of Arthropod. The name may not sound familiar, but you probably know them. You may even have eaten one.  CRUSTACEANS live mostly in the ocean or other waters. Most commonly known crustaceans are the crab, lobster and barnacle.  

CRUSTACEANS have a hard, external shell which protects their body. Crustaceans have a head and abdomen. The head has antennae which are part of their sensory system. The abdomen includes the heart, digestive system and reproductive system.   The abdomen also has appendages, such as legs, for crawling and swimming. Many crustaceans also have claws that help with crawling and eating.  

(VIII) CRAB There are about 10,000 different species of crab. The Crab Is Native To All Of The World’s Oceans. There are also freshwater crabs, and even some crabs that live on land. Crabs have a large, hard shell. Extending from the front of its shell are the eyes, mouth and two pairs of antennae. The crab has 5 pairs of legs extending from the side of its shell. The first pair of legs have claws or pincers used to catch and hold food.  The other pairs of legs are used for walking. Most crabs don’t swim, they use their legs to walk. However, some crabs such as THE BLUE CRAB can use their legs as paddles to swim.  

(A) LOBSTER Lobsters are native to most oceans of the world. The lobster habitat is rocky, sandy or muddy ocean bottom and they are generally found hiding in crevices or in burrows under rocks. Lobsters have five pairs of legs, the first pair of legs are claws used to catch and hold food. Lobsters have a large exoskeleton. As lobsters grow, the must molt to shed their old exoskeleton as they grow a larger new shell  

(B) SHRIMP Shrimp are native to many of The World’s Oceans And Lakes. They are generally found in shallow water. Their habitat includes both fresh and salt water. Although most shrimp are small, some can grow up to 9 inches in length. The shrimp has a very simple body consisting of the head and thorax, and a muscular abdomen for swimming. They have 8 pairs of legs, 5 for swimming and 3 for feeding. They also have 2 pairs of antennae use for taste and smell to find food. As a crustacean, the shrimp has a thin, almost transparent, exoskeleton. The shrimp is a popular food. In addition to commercial fishing for shrimp, shrimp are also grown in shrimp farms. Shrimp Are Also Commonly Found In Aquariums.  

Arachnids are a type of arthropod. You know many of them as spiders. Common arachnids are spiders, scorpions, ticks and mites.
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